American Quality, Proximity to Domestic Market Powers Panel Pact Between SunSpark USA and Gigawatt

(RIVERSIDE, CA) –  For Southern California-based solar panel manufacturer SunSpark USA and distributor Gigawatt, there’s no place quite like home – particularly when it comes to operating efficiencies and customer value.  The two companies have reached agreement on a deal which effectively enables the LA-based distributor to move much of its panel sourcing from overseas markets to SunSpark USA facilities in nearby Riverside, California.

Terms call for the manufacturer to supply Gigawatt with high-efficiency American solar panels that allow Gigawatt’s diverse customer base to power their lives with sunshine. SunSpark USA panels, which come in mono and poly crystalline form, feature industry leading solar cell technology.

The agreement continues strong 2017 sales momentum for SunSpark, which opened its U.S. plant a little more than a year ago.  The panel manufacturer already supplies more than 200MW of power annually to the U.S. market – a number that continues to grow.  Core segments include residential and commercial facilities, as well as government and military installations.

SunSpark views the partnership as a prime opportunity to expand its revenue growth without a corresponding increase in sales and marketing infrastructure.   Gigawatt, in turn, benefits by bringing its customer base top-quality American panels with all the customer support and logistical advantages created by working with an onshore manufacturing partner.

SunSpark USA vice president Hans Liu said, “GigaWatt fits the partner prototype we developed as part of our broader strategy for building market share in the United States.  The product and operational synergies were clear from the onset of our discussions.  We’re looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.”


About SunSpark USA

Launched in 2015, SunSpark USA’s mission is to sustainably produce solar panels in support of a cleaner, greener world. The Riverside, California-based company maintains all operations – including manufacturing, product assembly, distribution, finance, sales and customer service – all under one roof.


About GigaWatt Inc.

In 2006, was founded and operated out of a garage, quickly becoming one of the top online destinations for solar panels, inverters, batteries, racking, and other solar energy products.  Since its humble beginnings of getting people started with green energy, the website evolved into GigaWatt, Inc., a multimillion dollar green energy corporation.  Distribution, installation, and product development are at the heart of GigaWatt’s core competencies.